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Så lägger du till modulen "My Media" i Blackboard

Om modulen "My Media" saknas på sidan "My Institution" i Blackboard så kan du lätt lägga till den själv.

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Per Vesterlund om boken "Schein: En biografi"

Intervju med Per Vesterlund, medievetare vid Högskolan i Gävle, om hans bok "Schein: En biografi" om mediepersonligheten Harry Schein.

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iCEV: Monetizing HQ EDU Videos on the Web

Dusty Moore, President of iCEV, discusses how iCEV is using Kaltura to distribute educational videos. He explains the importance of producing quality content for the web and the advantage of having…

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Cornell Uni: Scaling the Video Infrastructure

Michael Tolomeo, Instructional Media Manager, shares how video usage at Cornell University evolved over time. From transcoding all videos in-house to outsourcing it to Kaltura in order to scale…

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Kaltura Video Solutions for Media Companies

Kaltura’s groundbreaking media middleware platform gives you everything you need to manage live and on-demand rich-media. From video ingestion and transcoding, through moderation and metadata…

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MediaSpace Categories

This video describes how to create new categories and add content to your MediaSpace site.

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Intro to MediaSpace

A general overview of Kaltura's out-of-the-box video centric site-MediaSpace

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SAP: Internal Social Video Portal in Enterprises

In the past, it took days for SAP employees to create a single video. These days, it takes them an average of a few minutes. With over 80,000 employees, SAP uses Kaltura to distribute audio and video…

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MediaSpace Admin Basics

This video reviews the Kaltura Kaltura MediaSpace Admin Console

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